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Community-Minded Dance

Creating and supporting thriving dance communities since 1999

Community Events

CMDance runs major community events throughout the year. Events range from bi-monthly to yearly, and are hosted at beautiful venues throughout the city of Denver. You can take classes in various styles, attend social dances with live music, and meet amazing people from many walks of life.

School Programs

CMDance is one of the only organizations providing its one-of-a-kind programs in social dancing and historical folk dance in Colorado schools. We are fortunate enough to be able to spread Jazz, swing, tango, and other dance forms to all age groups in multiple school districts.


CMDance engineered the “Denver Airport Flash Mob”, now with over 4 million views on Youtube. We have also been a part of numerous large- and small-scale projects throughout Colorado, working with the City of Denver as well as the Denver Biennial and Five Points Jazz Festival (to name a few).

Upcoming Events

August 23rd Hot Night at Dazzle
September 14-16 Lindy on the Rocks, Hot Night Fusion Weekend and Denver Jazz Festival
October 14-16 Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout
October 27th, Hot Night at Dazzle
November 10th, Hot Night at Dazzle
December 1st, Hot Night at Dazzle

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Denver City Council Performance

CMDance performs at Denver City Council meeting to help further the aspirations of Denver’s Cultural Plan–Imagine2020.

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