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Community Events

cmDance runs major community events throughout the year. Events range from bi-monthly to yearly, and are hosted at beautiful venues throughout the city of Denver. You can take classes in various styles, attend social dances with live music, and meet amazing people from many walks of life.

School Programs

cmDance is one of the only organizations providing its one-of-a-kind programs in social dancing and historical folk dance in Colorado schools. We are fortunate enough to be able to spread Jazz, swing, tango, and other dance forms to all age groups in multiple school districts.

Dance Performance

cmDance engineered the “Denver Airport Flash Mob”, now with over 4 million views on Youtube. We have also been a part of numerous large- and small-scale projects throughout Colorado, working with the City of Denver as well as the Denver Biennial and Five Points Jazz Festival (to name a few).

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Don't miss King Charles' class WEDNESDAY, June 17th! Here's a little preview with Charles kickin' rocks at Red Rocks with the cmDance Team. You can register for the 1.5 hr class (ONLY $10) and get the info on eventbrite:

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“King Charles Kickin' rocks at Redrocks with the cmDance team! Dont miss his class Wednesday June 17th! You can register for it and get the info on…”

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cmDance and 23 Skidoo will have featured dancers performing at the 1940's Ball, along with other great groups from Colorado. There are still tickets left and the event consistently sells out. Check out our dance spot to promote the event on 9 News Colorado & Company! ... See MoreSee Less

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We are really excited to go out and show what we are about at Pride Fest this year. Come join us! ... See MoreSee Less

Guerilla Dance Mob @ Denver Pride

June 21, 2015, 12:00pm - June 21, 2015, 4:00pm

Civic Center Park

Hey everyone! Here’s my event page to plan logistics for this crazy guerilla dance mob. As some of you are aware, I’ve decided to organize a group of people to several impromptu dances during the Denver Pride festival to promote partner dance and CMDance. I think cmDance is the most inclusive dance organization in town and brings in people with diverse backgrounds and from different styles of dance (lindy, swing, blues, tango, fusion, etc.), therefore I’d like to use them as my excuse to act da fool at Pride. I would really like to encourage those of you who dance multiple dance styles AND both roles to come out and party with us. I know many of you will be coming from various parts of CO so please organize carpools and parking per my suggestions below. Please be on time! This is a disjointed group, no one is going to “officially” organize but me, and I’m only doing this for fun. Once the group starts moving around the festival, it might be difficult to touch base so get there early if possible. AGENDA & OBJECTIVE Let’s meet at the western corner of Court and 16th street as indicated in the meetup photo on this page. Somewhere on the stairs with the statues, it’s a big open area so I think we’ll be easy to spot. WE WILL START FILING IN AT 12pm, I will give a 30 min window to meetup here before we walk over to the festival together, after 12:30pm good luck trying to find us! I am delegating some CMDance people to make tons of business cards. Everyone will get these as soon as we meet up so we can distribute them to anyone who approaches our group during the day. If we travel as a huge dance posse, we can collectively decide when and where to bust out. Feel free to bring music on your phones for you and your partner to dance to (shirts with breast pockets work best), or we could dance to the music of the performers, or nothing in particular. Please experiment with different styles that you know, AND exchange roles from time to time. I really want to encourage the concept that the best dance is inclusive and versatile. TIPS FOR DANCERS Bring empty water bottles, there are fountains within the perimeter. There is bag check at all entrances/exits, no outside opened drink allowed. IT’S GONNA BE HAWT, and I don’t mean just us. Wear appropriate clothing, this isn’t a suit and tie event. SHOES! Leather bottom might work best. This is guerilla dance, we will be dancing on all kinds of surfaces so bring shoes you won’t mind scratching up, but won’t break your ankles. WHEN LEADING, PLEASE be aware of your surroundings and be nice to your partner! I wouldn’t suggest moves with too much pivots and aerials with heavy landings; that hurts when there’s friction & concrete, keep it simple and classy. When stepping up onto something, I suggest leaders take the first step backwards onto the object, don’t try to make your follower step up onto something he/she can’t see. WHEN FOLLOWING, PLEASE tell your partner if he/she is leading things that hurts, take care of your body first! Knees and ankles are the first to go in the wild. Maybe bring ibuprophen in your dance bag for the ride home :P CARPOOLS & PARKING Colorado Springs: meet me at the monument park n ride at 10:45am to consolidate cars. I will volentell the one with the largest cars to drive, and offer gas money later. The rest of CO: I suggest you take fewer cars as well. Parking and driving will be atrocious the closer we get to the epicenter so I suggest either park n ride in your respective areas (Golden, Boulder, etc.) or at least the park n ride on Downing & 30th, or further. Figure it out, dis aint my territory. Note: please exchange numbers in the car with your park n ride group. If we get lost from each other ATLEAST you have people to contact. I will post my number here for everyone, but I can’t manage 50 people on my own, especially if you’re not one of my ducklings from the Springs. K thnx. I’m posting some Festival information, and highlighting our meetup points, in the photos section of this event page. Please feel free to bring anyone you wish. The more allies, the better. Non-dancing girlfriends or boyfriends may be subject to watching our stuff when we dance, and possibly recording some shenanigans. IF YOU TAKE ANY FOOTAGE/FOTOS AT THIS EVENT PLZ SHARE WITH THE PEOPLE ON THIS EVENT PAGE! Dis gon be sikk. DENVER PRIDE FESTIVAL link: Festival FAQ page: My personal phone number (FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY – I don’t guarantee to pick up amidst all the noise when we depart our meeting spot, except for those who carpooled with me): 954-815-7395 Disclaimer: Please mind your manners when interacting with others outside our group. Be aware of your surroundings and know that you are going to be at an LGBTQQIAAbcdefghijklmno…Pride event, we’re all adults here! Know that you may be affecting the image of CMDance by your conduct, as you are carrying their business cards and reputation in hand. Please do not embarrass the organization, they stand for many great things, and please don’t embarrass me as your organizer.

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