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Lindy on the Rocks

Lindy on the Rocks is all about the granddaddy of all swing dances, the Lindy Hop, although you will find other vintage dances mixed in as well. Lindy Hop can be danced slowly or very fast (when you’re ready). Our event provides high-quality instruction from the most talented swing dancers in the world. You can look forward to classes for all levels, live swing music, and plenty of social dancing! Save the date September 15-17, 2017!! 

Denver Jazz Festival

Denver Vintage Jazz Festival is THREE days of world-class music held in the Mile-High City of Denver, Colorado and expecting a record crowd of over 600 dancers and listeners.

This 3-story venue and early-era throwback party appeal is unrivaled in Denver. Our one-of-a-kind Vintage festival focuses primarily on vintage jazz and blues of the 1930’s & 1940’s. Each room in the venue features a spacious dance floor, and there are swing dance classes available for all levels of dancers from internationally renowned instructors during the daytime hours through our sister event Lindy on the Rocks.

We mix in locals along with top name bands, to help bolster the local music economy, and employ/educate local musicians on playing this style of music. Save the date September 15-17, 2017!!

Vintage Jazz Festival

Hot Night Fusion

Hot Night Fusion Ever since the dawn of social dancing, people have been combining dance styles into an intertwined fusion of dance expression.

Fusion originated by blurring the lines between music and dance aesthetics and now has progressed towards becoming its own dance form where dancers seamlessly flow between styles, cultivating a whole new skill set. At Hot Night Fusion Weekend, we celebrate combination, flow, and new dimensions of music where we individually teach and study pure dance forms and then find ways to integrate them. This event supports these dance concoctions by providing 20 hours of classes throughout the weekend with top instructors from seven different dance styles. Some genres will be progressive so you can choose a style to study in depth and other styles will be taught as electives to open the door to new opportunities in your dancing. The evening dance parties will take place in three different rooms at the gorgeous City Hall Events Venue to themed sets played by some of the best DJs in blues, tango, latin, WCS, fusion, and beyond, and stay tuned for announcements about live music acts. So join us for an unforgettable weekend that will take your dancing to new heights. Hot Night Fusion Weekend runs concurrently with Lindy on the Rocks in the same venue and a pass gets you access to all three rooms of dancing (all-access or dance only) and over 20 hours of classes (all-access pass). Save the date September 15-17, 2017!!

Vintage Jazz Festival

Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout

Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout celebrates a swing era partner dance known as Balboa. It features fancy footwork, subtle technique and some flashy vintage movement. It is usually danced to more upbeat tempos (although slow Bal is possible and encouraged). Our event provides high-quality instruction from the most talented Balboa dancers in the world. We will have 4 different tracks running at the event, so no matter what the level of experience, we will have something for every student. The event also features the best live swing music, social dancing all night, and heated competitions between the best of the best. 

Lindy Diversion

Lindy Diversion branches out a bit more to include dances such as Tap, Blues, and Jazz. There are no competitions at Lindy Diversion; the focus is on the workshop classes and the often spectacular live music and social dancing. Just like at our other events, you can find some of the best in the world at our event. Look forward to engaging classes, live music to dance to all night, and some killer performances February 10-12, 2017.